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Hire a business and real estate attorney in Rapid City, SD to review every detail

Real estate and business contracts are often tied to massive investments. If you're drafting a contract or signing one yourself, an overlooked clause or detail can have profound implications. Contact Smoot & Utzman, PC to retain a skilled real estate attorney in Rapid City, SD. We'll help you review important documents and make informed decisions.

Reach out to us for assistance with deeds, titles, mortgages and closings. We also represent clients in business litigation cases. Your business and real estate attorney will put over 25 years of experience to work for you.

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Why should you contact a business attorney?

A business attorney isn't only needed in times of trouble. We can offer our knowledge and guidance to help you minimize risks, protect intellectual property and make sound investment decisions. We're also able to assist you with:

  • Business management
  • Contract review
  • Ownership issues
  • Business litigation

Make the right choices for your business. Contact us today to discuss your needs with a business attorney.